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Senior Relationship Manager – Corporate Liabilities

Senior Relationship Manager – Corporate Liabilities
Abu Dhabi
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About Senior Relationship Manager – Corporate Liabilities

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Delivering revenue targets as per budget

Generating and developing liability business from new and existing clients through strategic penetration into identified market /sectors across the entire portfolio – i.e.,

Maintaining and enhancing relationships with key customer accounts and prospective customers to ensure liability growth.

Managing assigned risk assets portfolio in line with DIB standards of quality and profitability. Ensuring provision of high quality and timely service to clients.

Growing assets and liabilities to enhance the profitability of the account & maintaining the growth of liabilities (deposits-to ensure the balance of loan to deposit ratios & achieve optimal growth of the business while managing the liquidity aspects.)

Delivering full range of the products to the corporate market place with a high degree of confidence.

Preparing/executing multi-products to the corporate market place with a high degree of confidence.

Assessing business, financial & economic risks and opportunities, and maximizing potential to x-sell products.

Preparing/executing a call program designed to evaluate risk, assess opportunities, and maximize potential to x-sell products.

Monitoring risk and ensuring that the Bank’s relationship strategy is in line with the Portfolio and Industry quality.

Assessing credit risk of proposals and ensuring the credit and processes are within acceptable standards. Conducting credit and customer analyses to support ongoing relationships and acquisition work. Ensuring that the quality of the credit portfolio is maintained, by reviewing proposals, identifying and assessing all risk inherent in credit exposures. Recommending credit facilities, within prescribed limits, after a comprehensive analysis.

Liaising with various internal departments (Credit, Credit Admin etc) for smooth and quick turnaround of transactions. (Follow up with other bank departments to expedite processing of customer related issues and documentation.)

Making joint and/or independent calls on assigned names as well as following up with customers on outstanding and regularizing the accounts (exceptions, etc.)

Co-coordinating, where appropriate, the development of remedial action plans necessary to minimize potential losses. Getting involved actively in compromise proposals and restructuring arrangements in cases where the Bank’s lending is doubtful of full recovery.

Expanding the Bank’s revenue stream through fullest utilization of limits by superior customer relationship management.

All the above accountabilities includes but not limited to any additional/new tasks or responsibilities assigned by the line Manager.

Post Bachelor’s Degree

Minimum 4-6 years’ experience in relevant fields

In depth knowledge of corporate banking products and DIB strategy & policies
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